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w88优德娱乐老虎机-What is the best way to focus my Moon display?

Moon uses 2 AMOLED displays, one for each eye, so you will need to make sure both displays are in focus. First, make sure the Moon’s displays are set for the correct distance between your eyes. To do this, you need to press and hold both individual focus dials found underneath the display. As you hold down the focus dials, move them closer or farther apart. As you get closer to matching your pupillary distance (the distance between your eyes) the blurriness in the middle of the screen will disappear and you should be able to see all four corners. Conversely, if you are increasing the distance and the blurriness gets worse and part of the screen or corners are difficult to see you need to reverse the direction you were moving the dials.

Next, you will need to make sure each individual display is focused for the appropriate eye. Close one eye and turn the focus dials left or right (counter-clockwise or clockwise) until the open eye’s displayed image is in focus. Once you have that eye’s display in focus open the eye that was closed and turn the dial until the displayed image is in focus. Next, with both eyes open, double check to make sure the image is clear and in focus; adjust as necessary. Tip – Try focusing using the Home Screen image or another screen or application, versus a paused video or movie.