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w88优德娱乐老虎机-How do I connect to other devices using HDMI?

Moon plays media from your computer, smartphone, tablet, Blu-ray™, video game console, or any mobile device that has an HDMI output. To start, remove the Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter found in the package and connect to the Moon Box. For most devices, connect an HDMI Cable (sold separately) to the female HDMI opening in the included adapter, and the other end of the HDMI Cable to the HDMI output of the content source device. Android™ and Apple® smartphones, and iPads® and tablets, require a special HDMI Adapter (sold separately) that plugs into the phone (Apple: Lightning Digital AV, Android: MHL/USB-C™). The open end of the HDMI Cable then plugs into your device's special HDMI Adapter. Because Moon is not an Apple device you will not be able to mirror using your Apple device – this is not an issue with your Moon, it is an Apple designed limitation.