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w88优德娱乐老虎机-My Moon will not start even though I pressed the power button once.

If for some reason pressing the power button once gently on the Moon Box doesn’t restart the device, wait for about 15 seconds and press and hold the power button on the Moon Box. After holding it for a few seconds, you should feel and hear the Moon Box emit a quick buzz. Immediately let go of the button and you should see the outer ring of the power button flash twice and then go dark. When that happens, you have turned off your device. To turn your Moon back on hold down the power button for a couple seconds until you feel another buzz signaling the device is turning back on. You’ll know it is on by the screen lighting up, the power ring glowing and the small LED lights to the right of the micro USB slot lighting up. When all 4 lights glow, your Moon is or is almost fully charged, try not to let your Moon dip under 50% (2 lights).