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w88优德娱乐老虎机-I saw the Moon software update notice – now what?

After you have received a Moon software update notice you will need to do the following. If you are already connected to a wireless network skip to Step 2:

1. Navigate on the home page until the WLAN folder is highlighted. Tap the center of the right earpad to enter the WLAN folder. If the only image you see is a digital page that reads “OFF” that means you are not able to see wireless networks. Enable Wi-Fi by tapping the center of the right earpad, and the “Off” message should change to “ON”. You should now see available wireless networks in range of your Moon. Select the network you wish to join and using the right earpad and the digital keyboard enter your password and click “Done”. Once connected, double-tap the center of the right earpad and return to the “Home” screen. Tip: Connecting a wired or wireless mouse to the Moon Box makes the keyboard experience much better.

2. On the “Home” screen select the “Settings” folder and tap the center of the right ear pad to enter. Scroll right to select “Moon System” folder, tap the center of the right ear pad to enter “System” folder. Again, scroll right until you select “Software Update”, tap the center of the right earpad and Moon will check to see if there is a new update. If a new update is available Moon will display a new screen asking to “Update Now” or “Update Later”. If you wish to update now tap the center of the earpad.

3. You will then get taken to a new menu titled Moon Version Update Details. Here you will see the OS version #, a bulleted list of features the new version offers, the size of the OS, and the option to “Download Now” or “Return”. Selecting “Return” will take you back to the previous screen. To download make sure “Download Now” is highlighted, and then press the center of the right ear pad. Depending on the size and network speeds this may take a while so you can step away and come back to check on the download status.

4. After your download is complete you will be asked if you want to install it. To update you must have at least 50% battery life available, if not Moon will ask you to charge your device and not allow you to update. Assuming you have 50% battery life remaining, select “Install Now” and touch the center of your right ear pad, and your Moon will start installing the software upgrade. Again, this may take some time and the Moon can handle this process without any user input; so it is a good time to step away and come back to your Moon. When you return, the device should be updated, on and showing your Home Screen.