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What controls do I have from the main screen in the app?

When you first bring up the app, you will be presented with a page gallery which will show you all your individual notes and folders. Folders will show the first page contained within and show a number indicating how many notes are inside. Also, from the settings option (gear icon in the upper left corner) you can pair the RoWrite, set a default pen type, access device info and see battery info. You can also be linked to the Royole website for customer support or shop for accessories. The syncing option (circular arrows in the upper right) will upload any stored notes on the RoWrite. You will also see a large “+” in the lower right corner which will allow you to create a new note. The center of the main screen is filled with thumbnails of your stored notes. Tap the note to bring it up where you may edit or play the progression view (a video of the progression of your drawing or notes). Below each is the name and three note dots. These note dots, when tapped, allow you to change the name (pencil icon), export/share (folder with arrow icon),or delete (trash can icon). Holding the note dots for one second will allow you to merge notes or move multiple notes to a folder.