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What is progression view and how does it work?

RoWrite supports a special mode where the it can record the progression of your drawing or note taking. A MP4 movie file can be generated showing the order of your pen strokes.

Playing a movie: When you are done with the drawing you can press the play button in the upper right hand corner. This will transform your drawing into a video. You may add to the video by pressing the back button in the upper left hand corner.

Splitting a movie: To split any movie, play it and stop the play at the point you desire the split. Press the split icon. This will result in two still images placed in RoWrite memory. 

Saving a movie: Pressing the save button will save your video file to your mobile device image storage area. If your video is longer than 10 seconds you will have an option to save at the original length or else to compress the entire video into a ten second file.