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RoWrite Tutorials

【Installing RoWrite’s Pen Battery】

Remove the bottom cover of the Rowrite Penby twisting counter-clockwise. Take the AAAA battery supplied in the packagingand place it inside the pen with the “+” facing away from you and going intothe Pen first. Please make sure to re-tighten the cap all the way. 

Replace Ink Cartridge】

In the package you will find one (1) D1 ormini ballpoint ink refill cartridge. When you need to replace your inkcartridge take the Ink Cartridge Extractor, also supplied in your packaging,and pinch the end of the cartridge and pull out. Take the new cartridge andpush it back into the Pen. 

Royole offers 3-pack Ink refill cartridgesfor purchase, but any D1 or mini ballpoint Ink refill cartridge will work. Goto to see all the RoWriteAccessories available.


Press the left button to turn on theRoWrite. Once on, the blue light will flicker at low frequency and RoWrite isready to use.

To turn off, press and hold the button for2 seconds.

【Low Battery】

When the battery is low, a red led lightwill flicker. Please plug in your RoWrite to charge. 


When RoWrite is charging the red led lightwill stop flickering, once fully charge the red led will turn green.

A fully charged RoWrite can operatecontinuously for 20 hours, and with Sleep or Standby the rechargeable battery canlast up to 40 days.

【Sleep or Standby / Wake-up】

After 20 minutes of non-use, RoWrite willautomatically enter Sleep or Standby mode. To wake it up simply press theOn/Off button and the led light should turn blue. 

When you start writing make sure the blue ledlight turns green as you touch the RoWrite Pen to the notepad. If you do notsee the light turn blue to green double check to make sure RoWrite is out ofSleep or Standby mode. If you still do not see a green led light try turningyour RoWrite off and on. If the green light does not appear it could mean yourPen’s AAAA battery needs replacing.


While you are drawing or writing the ledlight should be green. When you pause to write a new word or a new line andremove the pen from the paper the led light quickly turns blue. This means yourpen stroke has been captured. 

If you do not see the led turn green whenwriting, please check Rowrite’s battery to make sure it is charged and on, orcheck/replace your Pen’s AAAA battery.

【New Page】

When you want to start on a new page clickthe B button at the top left of RoWrite, this tells RoWrite you are starting anew page. 

When connected to a device with the RoWriteApp you can do this on your device as well.

【Data Transmission】

Pressing button A, when paired with adevice with the RoWrite App, will send all your Pages saved on RoWrites’sinternal memory to the device. The blue led will turn green and flicker rapidly.All Pages will be deleted from RoWrite’s internal memory once transmission is complete.

Alternatively, when you first open theRoWrite App. The App will let you know if there are pages on RoWrite’s internalmemory not transferred to the App. To transfer all the Pages you simply press“Sync Now”.

【Pairing a Device】

First download the RoWrite App onto yourmobile device by using the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Oncedownloaded and opened you should create your account – simply follow theinstructions to input your email and create a password. Make sure your RoWriteis turned on and the mobile device’s Bluetooth® is on.

On RoWrite App's main screen touch the gearicon in the upper left. Touch "RoWrite Device" and see the two waysto pair your RoWrite to your mobile device instructions below.

1st Method of Pairing:  If your RY# highlighted on the Device List Screen then press"Connect". If you see more than one RY # or you simply want to makesure of your RY # it can found on the back of your RoWrite device.

2nd Method of Pairing: If you donot see a RY# and both devices are on and the mobile device’s Bluetooth is on,then press the bar icon in the upper right of the Pair Device Screen. Remove your Rowrite from the folio and turn itover. Position the bar code in the rectangle to pair device.


Rowrite only needs to be paired once. Eachtime after opening the APP, it should automatically connect.